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Aurora Hi Vis Vest


Cyndicate Aurora Hi Vis Vest

The Cyndicate Aurora Hi Vis Vest is a great way to ensure you are seen on darker roads and has a built in Wi-Fi lighting system to help tell the road users behind you, which way you are going at a junction. A small switch fits neatly into the clip provided, which then fits to your handle bar. This then sends a signal to the light unit on the vest telling others you are turning left, right, or going straight ahead. There is also a red light to warn those behind of a problem ahead. The indicator unit has rechargeable batteries, simply plug into a USB power source for up to 24 hours of continuous use. The light unit simply fits over whatever you are wearing. The vest comes with fully adjustable straps across your shoulders and around your waist ensuring a great fit.

Cyndicate Aurora High Vis Vest

  • Wi-Fi indicator signal system
  • USB Rechargeable battery
  •  Fully adjustable straps, shoulders and waist
  • Reflective strips built into seams
  • Pocket for storing switch when not in use
  • Supplied with handle bar clip and cable tie fixings.
  • Extra clips available for customers with more than one bike